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Default Selling Xbox 360 Arcade w/ 120GB HDD + bunch of other stuff

UGH! A console. Come at me.

So this thing has been sitting in my room for like two years pretty much doing nothing. Time to sell it. Can provide pics of all the accessories and what not upon request. What I'm selling in this lot:

- Xbox 360 Arcade itself
- Official 120GB HDD
- Brick and cable
- Play N' Charge Kit
- Ethernet cable
- Component/SD video cable
- Headset
- HDD Transfer cable
- 2 normal White controllers
- Custom Viking360 Thor's Hammer controller
- Rock Band 2 and Rock Band 3

Throw me an offer, or possibly a trade. If you are interested, do know that this box is going to be HEAVY. I'd be willing to pay a portion of the shipping, but you're going to have to pay the rest.

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