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Default Building a computer for a friend, $800 budget

We already have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers.

The computer needs to be built for gaming. A 60GB SSD will be fine as long as the motherboard supports SATA III and he'd rather sacrifice on optical/hard drives and RAM for a better CPU/GPU. As long as the RAM is at least 6GB and DDR3 tri-channel, we're set.

No preference on Nvidia/ATI and the case can be a $45 case for all he cares. We'll need wires and wire management. Preferably an i7 processor.

Thanks very much!

EDIT: We don't plan on overclocking, don't mind if it's silent or not but he's not looking to have a 747 taking off in the bedroom. and this will be used for lots of multitasking (running LoL/Diablo III, iTunes/Spotify, Firefox/Chrome, etc. all at the same time.)

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I got a gtx 480 for sale if you'd like


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