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Default NAT Trouble with 2 Xboxs

I'm currently having a nightmare of a time trying to get my two boxes to work so my roommate and I can play MW3 together. Both Xboxs are connecting wirelessly to a Ubee DDW3611.

I have read that it is common to have NAT problems with 2 Xboxs. Some sources claim that it is impossible to have the NAT open for both boxes, and that the best scenario is to have one open and one moderate. I have managed to get one open and one moderate, and we were able to find matches after some wait, however the next time we tried playing one of the boxes went to strict.

By hours and hours of tinkering with UPnP, Port Forwarding/Triggering, and DMZ I've been able to get the following scenarios:
- Both Strict NAT (Can't find matches for either box)
- 1 Strict 1 Moderate (Can't find matches together; moderate can find matches by itself)
- 1 Moderate 1 Open (Able to find matches together after a wait)
- Both Open (Unable to find ANY matches together; Both can find matches independently)

Here's a pic of what I believe are the important settings:

Any ideas?
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Make both 360s obtain automatic IPs, turn UPNP off, turn DMZ off, turn off port forwarding, and keep port triggering on.

I remember reading that you always want to avoid using more than 1 of DMZ, port forwarding, port triggering, UPNP, as using more may cause some to cancel each other out.

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