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Default Capture card causing lag?

I have the ATI Wonder Pro (should be upgrading here in the future) and i play on my HDTV on composite, idk if its cause im playing on an HDTV or my settings are fucked up, but when i play/capture, the game itself reacts funny, there seems to be like a .25-.50 second delay with my controls in the game which causes shitty gameplay...idk if i should just try working with a regular composite old school tv or there are better settings to be able to do this with?
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Depending on what your using to record, normally what you are using to record it should not interfere with your console whats so ever. It may be the way your tv is reacting to the recording device. I have a pvr and leave it on 24/7 and it hasnt ever messed with playback of my xbox. When im recording the preview screen on my laptop lags but not my tv.



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