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Default Third Party Mic with Xbox 360 Controller [Wired]

Ok guys, I've searched (so spare me that response) on H3F and on the internet for a solution to my question, and I got nothing.

QUESTION: Can I use a third party mic (with or without an adapter to fit the female slot on the controller) with my Xbox 360 controller?

Reason for the question is this. I was shown the Headphone mod done by Fragtality with his boom mic attachment. I know that he plugs into his Astro Mix Amp [which I don't have....yet] and I was wondering if it would be possible to use this Mod without the Mix Amp.

Frag's Headphone/set Mod
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depending on what mic your talking about, sure you can. I don't know about having game audio come out through the controller, but with a couple adapters, it will replace the standard XBL headset.

I use a stereo computer headset with 2 seperate 3.5mm jacks. With a cheap Y-adapter that has a 2.5mm end on it, I can use it for teamchat. That is actually what I plan on doing because I like headsets that wrap around the back of the head, not over the top.

Also, the headset for my cellphone works. It has a 2.5mm male end that fits into the controller.
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