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Forum Name: Melty
Nickname/Real Name: John
Age: 15
Anything else: I mostly play Halo 2. A little of Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4 every now and then.
Th3 iMolateR
Living life.
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Originally Posted by chriiss6 View Post
Hello, I'm new to this forum, I kick ass and can beat anybody, I want to make a halo 3 montage but I don't have any stuff to capture the scenes or gameplay with, if somebody would be so kind, would it be okay if I sent the gameplay to you and you can edit it and stuff?

nickname=Drewzer ( i just like being called chris )
real name= Chris Drew ( lol slag if you want! )
Hobbies=xbox live, comedy, halo 2, 3 montages.
Thanks for the laugh Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. May I take your order?

Originally Posted by AyL ReiGN View Post
Forum Name: AyL ReiGN
Nick Name: ReiGN, Josh Parker, Potter =]
Age: 16, 17 in May
Anything else:I smoke, I drink, I'm supposed to stop but I Cain't.

I live in Virginia too.
I'ma dawg, I love hoes. I'm addicted to money, cars and clothes. Hmm.
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hey guys im marik64, this is my first ever post!

meet me on XBC
Master Chief got nothin' on me!

XBConnect Name: Marik64
JDC3 XDiabloX
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Hi everyone, my name is Jack. Love ALL the halo's and heard this is a pretty cool place to talk about 'em.

SEe yA on XBL!!!
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Yeah, so basically I'm here looking for a good Halo 3 team but I actually like this site so I might stick around.

But anyway, if anyone has a team made for GameBattles or ANYTHING then message me or add my gamertag.

Here are my stats:
i RaPIDx
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Default new

add me i RaPIDx
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im tee three em tat one on (T3mptat1on..losers)
my name es cody
i play halo =]
oh yah im feiftein
Its that killa with the flow
Not so so
Never with the Willy vocal
Hot like cocoa
Beautiful just like occopoco
Poke yo hoe
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Forum Name: II GOAT II
Gamertag: II GOAT08 II
Nickname/Real Name: Matt/Matthew
Age: 16
Anything Else: Hey guys, I've been looking at this forum for a while but have never joined until now. I just got my 360 and am loving it, I really enjoy MLG and have started a team in the first ladder this year. I also love and play sports, so expect me to mention those from time to time.
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Forum Name: Rukmo
Gamertag: Rukmo
Nickname/Real Name: Tuckey/Mark
Age: 16
Anything Else: I use photoshop but as i need alot of inspiration or a good render to get me work i tend to not use it as much as i like. I enjoy playing custom games and want to play alot more
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Originally Posted by Edit When Done View Post
Sticky This
^^Yes, I destroy.

This is the Official Members Introduction Thread.

I say "Members" because any one can introduce themselves if they arent known/want an uber haxxx +1 post.

The way youll introduce yourself will be like this:

Forum Name: Christian + Jew
Nickname/Real Name: Gandhi/Christian
Age: 14
Anything else: I love halo 2 and also play basketball, soccer and football.

From, Milerliteweight(forum moderator), Please be sure to read the "stickies" in the section that you will be frequenting. Some, if not most, contain information you may be interested in and some you will need to read before you make a thread/post. Especially the "Rules" of the fourm. Have fun and enjoy your stay.
Name: Kyle
Home: Nova Scotia Canada

I have been a fan of gaming since the one button joystick days. Yet, never had I felt the accomplishment of gaming until Bungie graced us with the greatest game ever known to earth. Sure, Iíve played other games on other systems and still people would watch in amazement, but Halo was a challenge; challenge of dexterity, coordination and talent.

Iím sure at this moment youíre thinking, ďChallenge? Itís just a game. Well, the answer to that question is simple. I play every game Iíve played with one hand. I was born with the use of my left hand only. Yes, itís true. If there any doubt of my skill you can view my gamer score. By doing so, may enforce the disbelief. I want every gamer out there to know that it is not impossible. Anyone who would like to play with me add me as a friend on LIVE my tag is SKETCHKD.

I will be recording a video of me playing an online match soon. I will share the file on LIVE as soon as I get it up and running. I hope to see you all online. Thanks for reading.


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