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Originally Posted by JCAbernathy View Post
Scarcity is not present in MC. For MC to even occur, the human race has to be able to remove scarcity via Capitalism. Capitalism is just a pregamer, eventually the proletariate will rise. If the recent events in the news with the economy slump and the consolidation of bsuinesses via buyouts, pretty soon there will be the fewer corporations(but LARGER) governing/controlling the many, just as Marx says.
i think you missed the point. it dosent matter what system you use, it will have some sort of inefficiency, in this case it will be that it will be to complex and even down right impossible for everyone to get the job they want, therefore reducing production and on top of that, it tries to eliminate the very mental fibers that comprise us, we are greedy, we will always be greedy (on the whole) and communism cant change it. even through this technology which is at-least a century away (and will only reinforce the ideals of capitalism). monopolies will not take control. i can assure you its much better than the monopolies of Carnegie and Flagler and the railroads.
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