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Originally Posted by ByTheWay View Post
Social Darwinism works for other animals just fine, why not us?

Here in Err-Mare-Eh-Cuh, we're all about everyone being special and capable of anything, when we are, in fact, not. If you're unfit to survive, why are you alive?

But on a more serious note, Darwin's views were always radical and aren't fit for human society, as we're always striving for constant equality.
You have no idea what Darwin's views were, do you? Darwin started research in evolution to disprove the idea that blacks or east asians weren't equal to humans. His entire life's work, according to the man himself, was designed entirely to bring about a new age of equality to humanity.

Decent with modification has nothing to do with so called social Darwinism.
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Originally Posted by muRda View Post
So if we find a cure or preventive measure to curb such problems, should we just throw them away because of job loss?
I don't understand what you are saying.




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