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View Poll Results: Which videos should go through to the finals?
Toasty's halo reach montage 1 - edited by Zhestal 40 32.52%
Into the tranQ" A Halo 3 Montage (100% MLG) 50 40.65%
ThumbsUp and Piano Frenzy: Electric Feel 18 14.63%
Kiko Mia - INDEPENDENZA III ( Ryōsuke ) 39 31.71%
Diesel M2 34 27.64%
FatRat M3 51 41.46%
ROOTS - B SiK 40 32.52%
Delightful Dkahre/Sachiro 30 24.39%
Immortal Part III - GP and Edit by sk0ls 47 38.21%
The Wake Up - LocaL 35 28.46%
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Originally Posted by Dutchy View Post
don't see how this is relevant to my post. neither have I been ''fanboying'', what a weird thing for you to say, slater.
Youve been saying FatRat to win or something along those lines since the start.

You somewhat put down a video, of course its then relevant which video you say is great. How else can we try to find the value in your opinion but to see what you do like and compare it to what you put down. What I see is you not understanding h1 xbc and liking something very much that you know everything about in h3 social gp. It's the reason I have voted FatRat in earlier rounds, because people like you said the GP was truly on another level. I can see that for some clips, but those comments do make me look deeper and appreciate it more.
If it was just that I'd chalk it up to ignorance, but you addressed the edit too, so I compared it to FatRats edit and concluded your opinion made no sense to me on that front.

I'm not being a dick, I'm just evaluating your statements.

I rarely see that happen. Which is why I made my point. Maybe I'm not seeing it, who knows?
Thats because of your perspective, most people here (not the most outspoken, but the largest group) have the most familiarity with h3 montages. It is the dominant group, yet you're complaining about a vocal minority. Most h1 and/or h2 only players left this forum long ago, only a couple came back with MCC.
People like me and you are actually the dominant group I guess, that have familiarity with pretty much all halo's. either way, h1/h2 exclusive lovers are definitely not.

sk0ls, kiko and B SiK did something amazing in the dark ages of those respective games. h3 was still on xbl, altho not in its height of popularity, its not the same as h2v or xbc. Those videos are getting deserved votes, yet tranQ and FatRat have been top of the bill every poll so I dont see the issue from the h3's perspective.


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