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Default Buying & selling rules :: PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING

When selling:

1. Select the "selling" prefix.
2. If you're selling the product or service, you must to state a price. This means the users who are interested in buying your product or service know what you want for it.
2. You must to put an accurate description of the product or service in the topic. For a product, this includes it's condition. The more you write down, the better it will sell.

Optional: make a picture of the product you're selling and post it in the topic. It will improve the chance of you selling it. If it's a service you're selling, showing examples (portfolio) is a good idea.

We advice you make screenshots of the process. This is to prove that you are not a scammer, if anything goes wrong.

When buying:

1. Make a realistic offer; don't post if you're not interested in buying the product or service.
2. Make sure you can trust the member you're buying from. Look at his join date, post count and trusted list. If they only recently joined the forum, be careful.
3. If you use Paypal to exchange money, we advice you should not send the payment as a gift, but instead pay the extra cost so you're covered by Paypal. This is to avoid anything going wrong.

We also advice you take screenshots throughout the whole process.

Have you been scammed?

Please contact a staff member with evidence. If we receive enough evidence, we will put the scammer(s) on the blacklist and IP ban them permanently.

NOTE: TheHaloForum.com does NOT take any responsibility for any transaction.
All users sell and buy at their own risk.
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