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uber n00b (level 2)
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Location: Binfirls, Berkshire, UK
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Hi all, Cheesesack here. I'm currently using the Hayabusa Armour and have completed the campaign on heroic.
Spartan IGOR
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Hello my name is Igor, I'm 22 and love to play halo 3. I'm self employed in constuction, and I lay tile and other types of stones in houses.
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Forum Name: Ironwig
Nickname/Real Name: Ironwi2121 / Ray
Age: 26

hELLO all. i WANTED to take this time to introduce my self and say hello to everyone. I played halo before but never really followed it or became an active live player. My brother brought over his xbox 360 about a week ago and on and off ive been playing trying to get better. there are a lot of things that i need to learn, so if anyone here has any ideas, tips or anything that they can help me with to become a better player will be greatly appreciated. I am currently Sargen grade 2
not bad being that i just started
anyhow, thanks in advanced

Level 10
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Forum Name: Doubledees12345
Nickname/Realname: Deezy
Age: 27

What's going on guys?!! Been playing h3 ever since its release and I still suck due to not knowing the maps. H1 all the way!! Anywho bored at work and thought I'd drop a line to the fellow community.
uber n00b (level 2)
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Default What's Up?

I've been playing Halo ever since H2 came out.

Part of VAHOMA Clan.

Gamertag same as screen name.
Ranked Kill/Death Ratio: 1.59
Social Kill/Death Ratio: 1.72

Looking for
Everynight H3 Gamers: Go here = VAHOMA

Over Clock
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Send a message via AIM to Over Clock

Hey whats up guys i have been playing Halo from the very begining on the xbox to now the Xbox 360. I have been playing Halo 3 and im still looking for new people to play with im lvl 44 in Lone wolf and i have been looking for some people to play Team Slayer with me im lvl 34. Send me a friend invite on my other Gamertag called TDR Tank.
uber n00b (level 2)
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new to fourm.
Level 24
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Sup all, names D IIShocKII. Just lookin for good people to play with.
I've been playin halo all throughout the trilogy.

I'm a commander
I'm a level 45 in Lone Wolves, 42 in TS, 37 in Doubles.
If you wanna play with me just add me.
I play more for fun but will get serious when u need me.

uber n00b (level 2)
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Forum Name: Ebshadow
Nickname/Real Name: Evan
Age: 15
Anything else: I love halo 2 and Halo 3 i own both mod halo 2 (offline) love soccer.
Rank: i am Captain (grade 2) and highest rank 31 slayer (as of now)
n00b (level 8)
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Forum Name: BoW
Nickname/Real Name: CJ
Age: 12
Anything else: i love skating, the game skate, and halo 3

III Myspace III

The Below Statement is True
The Above Statement is False

WTF? is that even possible? :D


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