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Originally Posted by BxSouljah View Post
Nice 3D version of the contest logo. Props for editing your own video. The faces from H2A was weird...Wait was your intro 2 minutes long?

Nice ownage on Spud 2. The plasma pistol overkill was skillful.

You music choice is kinda lame man. There are some clips in here that really shouldn't be.

Were those commentated clips like EU top ten plays or something? More context would have been helpful.

I think you messed up your credits. Unless you meant for "Friends I've met at events" and "Active Youtube subscribers" to flash every second for no reason?

That was a tough video to watch all the way through. Nothing to hold my attention or interest.
Yeah fair enough, I was pretty new to editing when I made this, had just come off iMovie on the Mac and this was one of my first Sony Vegas edits

One of the top 10s was a SingleHaloClips top ten where I came 2nd, another was one from TrulyExclusive where I came 3rd.

My music choice is not really like what I used, for half of it, but I'd never use what I like in a montage


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