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View Poll Results: Which video has the best editing?
"Black Box" - Edited by s0r3 22 10.28%
"Contractus" - Edited by Nv1ncible 15 7.01%
"Dutchy Montage 2" - Edited by ExuS 79 36.92%
".exe" - Edited by pTw 42 19.63%
"Frenetic Array" - Edited by Mattisson 46 21.50%
"Rewind 3" - Edited by Void 6 2.80%
"Veni Vidi Vici" - Edited by Atiemark 4 1.87%
Voters: 214. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Best Editing Award | Dutchy M2 WINS!

Originally Posted by FraGTaLiTy
Congratulations to Dutchy M2 for winning the Best Editing Award in the second H3F Halo 3 Montage Contest.
Welcome to the official "Best Editing Award" voting grounds. You can only vote for 1 video entry. Each vote towards a video counts as "1 point" for it. The nominated video entry with the most points at the end of the voting period wins this award. Please watch ALL Best Editing Award nominees again before voting. They've spent months creating these videos, and they deserve a few minutes out of your day before you finalize your choices.

Best Editing Award

Today, we are here to honor the competition entries with the best editing. Ranging from flow and synchronization, to cutting, to visual effects and 3D CGI, editing is a very crucial component of Halo video making. Out of the 7 stellar nominees handpicked by our judging staff, it is up to you to decide which video will take home the crown for "Editing".


You must have a minimum of 50 posts to be eligible to vote during this competition. Multiple accounts on the same IP will results in all accounts banned under said IP without question.

Best Editing Award Nominees

-"Black Box" - Edited by s0r3
-"Contractus" - Edited by Nv1ncible
-"Dutchy Montage 2" - Edited by ExuS
-".exe" - Edited by pTw
-"Frenetic Array" - Edited by Mattisson
-"Rewind 3" - Edited by Void
-"Veni Vidi Vici" - Edited by Atiemark

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