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View Poll Results: Which videos should go through to the finals?
Toasty's halo reach montage 1 - edited by Zhestal 40 32.52%
Into the tranQ" A Halo 3 Montage (100% MLG) 50 40.65%
ThumbsUp and Piano Frenzy: Electric Feel 18 14.63%
Kiko Mia - INDEPENDENZA III ( Ryōsuke ) 39 31.71%
Diesel M2 34 27.64%
FatRat M3 51 41.46%
ROOTS - B SiK 40 32.52%
Delightful Dkahre/Sachiro 30 24.39%
Immortal Part III - GP and Edit by sk0ls 47 38.21%
The Wake Up - LocaL 35 28.46%
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Originally Posted by Oxfire View Post
I figured you to be the type of person to be fairly educated in the gameplay of Halo. Not knowing or being familiar with something cannot necessarily allow you to claim that something is average. You should simply say, "I'm not familiar with it, therefore I cannot comment." Saying what you did was stepping into a field that you yourself claimed you don't know much about. That's what I meant to pass across. Simply choose wiser words instead of bashing someone's hard work or claiming it is simply mediocre.

Different games on different platforms. I'm just curious as to how people let themselves critique something with which they have no familiarity with.

It happens every movie competition which really makes me laugh. At least when these competitions happened in 06, 07,08 every video was on the same platform which actually made sense to criticize and breakdown the different aspects. Now it's just, "Which video ticked you the most" not which is fundamentally better. All I'm saying.
So by that perspective, would u suggest that anyone not super-familiar with h1 gameplay ought to be restrained from voting in the comp?

Because let's be honest, there is a fair amount of people in here who are not all that familiar with the game, so they will either 1) bandwagon with everyone else's opinion of the video, 2) vote for it based on whether they enjoyed it or not, or 3) watch more h1 videos to take as much of an objective view as they can muster.

I did 2 and 3. I do not have direct access to the game, and i can only compare it to what I've seen prior. It's not like I'm acting like I'm some expert on the gameplay.

You seem to think that people like me are silly little fuckers who make you laugh, and yet all you can muster in regard to why the gameplay is better is that it is personally harder for you than anything else you've played. I would need more than that to be convinced, but to be fair, it only reaffirms the obvious:

We are all voting based on our own personal experience of watching videos and playing video games, so let's not act like everyone who hasn't had your experience and makes a statement that reflects his opinion about a particular video is a complete idiot.


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