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Originally Posted by Vrbas View Post
If we could completely understand and figure out God... well he wouldn't be much of a God would he? And no, it's not a cop-out, it's interesting to think about.

I'll get to your post about free will, i need some time though as this is something i've often pondered on but really haven't come to a conclusion yet.
For a God to be a true God we must not be able to comprehend most if not all things about him?

Says who?

Then the purpose is to constantly challenge reality and logic? That's bull.
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maybe i dont quite get how the two cannot coexsist? ok i come home and have a cup of coffee and look around. there is CoD4 and a novel that my girl is reading, i have free choice. i know nobody here is God but you all know what i will probably choose to do. predestine, in the Bible, is translated poorly. it was meant as pre-knowing. to believe in predestination would mean that some of us were destine to go to hell. which alters the Bible completely. however, God does know who will do accept Him and who wont. does this help at all?
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Please bump this thread instead. This argument has been produced and debated multiple times already. Read some of the replies in this thread (below) for some clarity.

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