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Originally Posted by BiShoP View Post
Wow, you guys definitely were on the same page about that one. Perhaps my information was incorrect, however I meant to imply that there are a series of distinct contradictions found within the text that furthermore sway me from believing. Here's a sampling. By the way, if anyone can explain to me how these contradictions are relative and the text is contextually sound, please do so!

Okay, I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm not planning to reply to that whole things... Way too tired.

But I gotta say, the excerpts you have are either taken too literally (dust and clay are both the same, since dust is regarded as unrefined clay), or are taken out in the sense that they alone would not make sense unless you've read the rest of the story (You're forbidden to Drink intoxiacants such as wine in life because they "lead you away from God" but you can do whatever the hell you want in heaven, which is like happy hour).

And finally, I gotta say I strongly doubt you've read the Koran, or would ever consider converting regardless of what we did.
Originally Posted by NoGuff
...you're a terrorist sympathizer. I'd rather be an idiot if that's the choice. At least I'd be a person, though stupid, who is at least on the right side of morality. God doesn't care if you're stupid or not, he does care if you are evil or not.
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Originally Posted by IXI QuASaR IXI View Post
OMG! I am so tired of all these atheist threads.
So make a non-atheist thread.

BTW, I have read the Koran, but I just don't take it to heart as much based upon the setup of the entire religion itself. It seems more based on being good than receiving grace, which is what I'm all about!
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