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Originally Posted by M91 View Post
Ok, I see you guys know a lot about these things and I'm kind of a newbie.

What I want is:

- A camera to film different places when I'm out travelling.
- A camera to make amateur documentaries/films.
- A camera which isn't too technical. It should be like: Record>Import to computer>Edit in vegas
- I guess I will mostly be doing more static shooting. (Not too many "action" scenes, but I do want a camera who can handle some movement at least).
- Shouldn't cost more than 1000$.

And I'd prefer if I didn't have to buy any accessories to the camera, mainly because it seems very complicated. But if it's really necessary I will.

Hopefully now you'll have an idea what I'm looking for.

If you have some samples from different cameras, please post them.

Thanks for the help guys.
You won't get good results with any camera that is as simple as Record>Import to computer>Edit in vegas. If you want to go that route, buy a $300 camcorder. It will be very crappy looking, though.


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