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Default Halomaggot and Scarecrow's Dualtage

I edited this, I had quite a bit of fun doing it. Every year or so I get the urge to edit a video, and since I don't play Halo anymore this looked like the best bet. I'd describe the gameplay as really good. Maggot's footage is extremely solid, and Scarecrow has the clips almost no one else has. It's a good mix IMO. Gametypes and clip types are scattered all over, I think you'll find it enjoyable. From MLG to multi team, to skill to luck to the unexpected, I think this video has a bit of everything.

My editing style isn't using the newest preset or best program, it's about adding new ideas to the video while having fun. Maybe you'll hate them, maybe you'll love them. We (me, maggot, scarecrow) agreed the new stuff here helped.

Songs used are (clearly listed in credits as well)
Paul van Dyk feat. Rea Garvey - Let Go (Paul van Dyk Club Mix)
Michael Tskukerman - Are You Mad ? (Dj Madwave remix)

DL link without a pretty pic to click on:

Why wasn't this video hosted? Personally, hosting was never important to me. I did IM Z for a few days and get no response though. After Maggot went through the same we decided to post it.

Finally, I'd like to give a thanks to Phurion for spending about an hour with me getting good Vegas render settings. Extremely helpful and very patient.
Maggot would like to thank both Janco and Soundchaser for capping the clips. (great job guys!)
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Finally, gawd.

EDIT: I loved the feel of it.. alot. Great gp and editing was... good.. =]]

Good Job

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Your welcome man, im glad it helped

The video was good, clips were sick, quality is sick, editing and songs were good too, but like I told you before, I didnt like the added sounds from other games, very cheesy IMO.

Wow, longest sentence ever LOL.
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Dude Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way, I <3 you maggot.

Ill edit my post when i get back from work in an hour <3

Ill edit now.

Good gameplay, but honestly, I expected a lot better.

I thought some of the gameplay from your leftover was better. But you three did a really good job and I enjoyed it alot.

Also, I missed the good ol' techno =]

Love Wins.
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Basically me, but I'm 18 and I love going out. I used to have trouble with even talking to girls, but legitly no lie, I started watching the Pokemon show for nostalgia + I was bored, and seeing how Brock is the most legendary opener, has made it easier for me haha.

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It's a damn shame you don't play anymore. Your videos have always been solid and dependably entertaining, i'm sure this one will be as well.

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Gonna watch it gypsys

It was ok.

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alright well i loved the gameplay and the get shit on voice over was lol. but it got kind of annoying. and i even though that killtac was nasty on the goose i didn't like how you killed the driver who u prolly knew to keep it going. but all in all it was enjoyable and the gp was rape. good job
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Seems trendy. Hoping for some MLG clips.
Edit some time in the future when my computer desides 300mb shouldn't take 4 hours to download.
EDIT: Alright, I saw 2 MLG clips. Which really disappoints me being an MLG kind of guy.
I was laughing my ass off at some of those cheesy lines but it fit Goat's style, which is a good style of montage.

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durka durka i no host durka durka
awesome montage
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Wow i loved it i dunno why but techno in that tage was tight as fo' but then again the sound effects from other games were kinda bad but i loved it i loved the whole abused goat style mixed with crazy GP.

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