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x Rapid BR x
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Default x Rapid BR x <---- MLG CUSTOMS :]

Yeah add for customs and THC - Going for a 50 in THC? Add me :]
Soundd this section rayyyypess :]

BTW Please include 'H3F' in the message, cheers.
Lone Wolves : 48
Team Slayer : 50
Team Doubles 50

Add x Rapid BR x For MLG Customs
And MatchMaking.

Originally Posted by NiceGuy View Post
Doing button glitches is getting to be like entering cheat codes in Playstation video games.
Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Square, R1, Triangle, Down, Down, Circle, Circle

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ill add ya =]
x RecoiL
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I'll add you. I'm on the computer though so I can't add a message with it. My GT is nL x R3coiL


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