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Default Boosting!

Boosting is a bannable offense by Bungie. This being stated, it is against the rules here at H3F. If any boosting threads are made, the offender will be banned.

Boosting means EXP Boosting, such as Grifball, or any other Double EXP playlists as well as Social. Boosting does NOT mean Team Doubles as it is a ranked playlist and you cannot just sit there and level up or gain EXP with a four person party.

EDIT (as of Jan 3, 2010):

Do not ask for a booster or someone to boost you. What is meant by that is quitting out of games to lower your trueskill is also a bannable offense by Bungie as it skews the real trueskill. Therefore, asking for a party of "derankers" or "quitters" or straight up asking for somebody who has a "boosting" account is against the rules.

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