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Originally Posted by The Colostomizer
I'm actually not bored or lonely, and I'm quite content with the life I have right now, at least for the time being (I'd like to find out how you know what kind of life I have though). I suppose you might call me a troublemaker. I'd rather convince you I'm right than force my opinion down your throat. And I know it's people like me that want people like you to die off. I already said that. I'm not sure what I have to do with Silence of the Lambs, and I'm also not sure what a "mussle" would do for me. Maybe you can clarify. I'd also like to know what makes me a bigot. I'm not posting hate, I have been pointing out that you have very limited knowledge on this subject, and that you probably shouldn't be in this debate for that very reason. That seems reasonable to me.

Is it at all possible that you posted that rant because you saw that I was right but didn't want to admit it? You sure sound defeated to me.
I am so happy that you think your pitiful life is content...I wish everyone would convince themselves that they are content when really they have nothing..But hey, whatever floats your boat man..Hmm, let's see trying to convince me your right and trying to shove your damn opinion down my throat seems like the same thing to me in just different ways. Have you seen silence of the lambs to know if you fit in to that catagory or not? (Good question eh?) And let's see you might need to get a "mussle" because if you think saying things like this ex: Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die. Mel Brooks
... is cool you are sadly mistaken my friend..Should I call you a friend even..or for that matter a human? Because in my book you have to earn having the title "Human".HA! I can bet you the reason your even asking me if I can tell you what makes you a bigot is because you don't know what it is. (please go look it up in the dictionary and then be a smart ass and tell me what it means..now I can take the credit for it even when you do say it cause I thought of it first.) What seems reasonable to you may just seem reasonable to a donkey...So can I really trust what you believe is reasonable?

P.S. you really need to grow up and get out of the two year old stage when people say "you know I'm right so just admit it"...it's very childish

Colost. This is the retarded style that you speak and protray yourself as.

Understand this will get nowhere and you know that.

You are arguing becuase you are bored and like to make yourself feel better by sitting around and wasting time that could be spent bettering yourself. You just like to put people down to feel better about your own self. Very sad thing to do. your knowledge is pathetic when it comes to being people smart.

I am sorry but talking to you is like talking to a brick wall.

I can always go on with my life (By walking away from you) You just stay there never finding out what you seek because you get too distracted with your lust for putting people down you end up in the same spot you started in.

Have fun, stay safe, find a new hobby besides putting others down for your own joy, and Good night, farewell adios, im done with this thread. It went in a complete circle and I dont want to repeat it with a brick wall who never advances himself.

I just walked away and learned of another person who I can ignore.

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