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Default *Coliseum* (BETA) by DoorM4n

Welcome to the Coliseum! Death is imminent!

I'm excited to present to you guys a map that I worked very hard on, but I'm also disappointed that I have to release an unfinished version of it. I have never released an unfinished mod, but it was time to unveil this map because I don't have much free time these days to delve into Halo modding and fix this baby up. In the future, I suspect I will get my hands dirty again--so this is no farewell!

This map is a completely new map with custom models, collision, vehicles, weapons, and scenery! There are 16 new weapons, including two new grenade variants and a secret weapon accessible by a secret teleport! You know how I love my secret areas! There is also a chariot (thanks to XZodia's help), which allows you to ride the horse or stand on the back. The chariot is the unfinished part of the map--it has given me considerable amount of trouble to get right, and it still isn't anywhere near where I wanted it to be.

I have not checked whether it is system link compatible, but I performed all the requisite procedures to enable SLC.

I hope you'll enjoy the Coliseum!


•Custom Map
•16 New Weapons
•1 New Vehicle
•All Gametypes Playable
•Custom Helmets for Bipeds
•Secret Teleport and Weapon

•Knight Sword
•Pirate Sword
•Butcher Knife
•Crowned Skull
•Pirate Ax
•Knight Hatchet
•The Secret Weapon


• Remnant Mods users! All of you! You know who you are! Way too many to list. Thanks for answering all my questions and supporting my efforts!

• Xzodia and Captainpoopface for help with chariot and grenades!

• Program Makers! Pokecancer for Entity, troymaclure for his edited version of Entity, Darkshallfall for Onyx, Swampfox for ADI, farklem for Dothalo, Ironforge for Serenity, Low8 for SPPF, Fantastic Six for all of the Ubertools, XZodia for Yelo Neighborhood, Xbox7887 for Yelo and RTH, and Click16 for his Mass Spawn Changer!

• Bungie! Modders wouldn't be here without Bungie, and we, therefore, owe almost everything to Bungie.

• kornmann for keeping HaloMods alive!

• Thanks Click16 for testing all this out with me man!

Visit Us!

Remnantmods & HaloMods
Team eV

Two of my Halo 2 Mods
Tortuga: Video

Duff World: Video

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