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Default Our Old Friend Kent Hovind's Property being Seized

"Dr" Dino has been in prison for 2 years and now the Creationism Theme Park is being seized


Just made me laugh. I am waiting on the Scientologists and the other Creationists now.

-i got kicked out of barnes and noble once for moving all the bibles into the fiction section

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Ha.. holy sh.t! That's really funny. I used to watch his videos and use them to defend my views on creationism. (That was before I realized that evolution actually works perfect with religion and christianity). But yeah, damn man, federal prison?.. that place is no joke. He better not drop the soap if you know what I mean.
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I remember reading that the police also found dozens of weapons in his home, ranging from pistols to SMGs to assault rifles!

What a guy.
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...you're a terrorist sympathizer. I'd rather be an idiot if that's the choice. At least I'd be a person, though stupid, who is at least on the right side of morality. God doesn't care if you're stupid or not, he does care if you are evil or not.


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