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Halo 3 54 31.40%
Halo 2 118 68.60%
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Halo 3 cos all the modding messed up halo 2

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I'd say Halo 2. The story was better and multiplayer was more fun.
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Halo 2 did have a better story to me really, having an end is nice but in Halo 3 it seemed as if the alien civil war was over and nobody cared. Probably the best part of 2. It also had a bunch of great multiplayer maps.

On the other hand...

Halo 3's maps aren't all bad, the inclusion of the original weapons, forge, and the game recording that go way beyond Halo 2's game viewer... plus the appearance customization certainly speak highly for me.

I loved 2, but for online I think I like 3 more...just needs for old school Halo (2) maps!
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i <3 halo 3 better then halo 2
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Halo 3 seems alot smoother to me than Halo 2. The BR really isn't that much different. It does have a wider spread but c'mon it really hasn't changed that much. I think alot of aiming issues get labeled as the spread problem IMO.
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Originally Posted by PPB92 View Post
Well, as it seems now, Str8 Rippin are probaly the best team out there. Carbon is not good at all, idk about Final Boss, but they will make top 8 (defiently with StrongSide on their team.)
Originally Posted by HALZRED
Final Boss won't win Meadowlands
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Halo 2, its really not even close.
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Halo 3. I still love Halo 2 but I played H3 fpr like 4 months and went back to H2 and totally sucked.
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Halo 2 is better.
I only started playing Halo 3 because it's the next big thing, and the only Halo on the Pro Circuit.
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yea, h2 custom games were the greatest...h3 doesnt even compare, its not fast paced and the games dont leave u catching ur breathe like h2....theres nothin like a good ol' midship ctf game with two good teams
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Halo 2, to me, will always be better than Halo 3.


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