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Default Xbox Live Update for Original Xbox Users

You now must have a Windows Live ID linked to your account, or you won't be able to sign in.

Xbox Live Current Status

You must have a Windows Live ID to register to use the Service. For additional information, see Get your Windows Live ID. If you already have a Windows Live ID when you are registering for the Service, you can use this Windows Live ID; if you do not, a Windows Live ID will be automatically created for you. A Windows Live ID that is automatically created, however, will have functionality limited to use with the Service . If you wish to use an automatically-created Windows Live ID for purposes other than signing in to the Service, you must also agree to the applicable terms of use or terms of service for a general-purpose Windows Live ID.


Cheers to RVideo for finding this info for me.

Also, this might be worth checking out if you haven't heard about it already:

Originally Posted by RVideo View Post
Just posting this since a lot of people dont know this yet.
With the new NXE (Next/New Xbox Experience) you will be able to surf your Marketplace content on the Xbox.Com website. You can buy/cue game demos and videos on the Web and download them next time you login to Xbox.

They dont appear to have it up yet but it should be working soon.
• Windows Live ID or Windows Passport
• Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 (you will be asked to install SL)
• Active XBL Gold Account
Go here and sign in
That's very helpful for me as I never bother to check the marketplace when I'm using the 360 heh.

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Wow. That sucks wont be able to use my reg xbox now.

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I have a question. If I buy something in xbox live marketplace with and account, will it be possible to use the conntent with another account? example: I buy the mythic map pack with my user "xampii" I log out and sign in with another account, can I use those maps although I did not bought the maps with that account?
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Default Xbox 720

anyone know when it comes out?
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Yeah, I can't use my first account because it has an email on it. The thing is, is that it's from 6 years ago....
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Useless thread now ):
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Originally Posted by rubys62 View Post
not sure if serious...


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