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Default Picture quality difference

Has anyone noticed the quality of picture between your 360 and Xbox to be different. On my TV, when I play Halo 2 on the 360 the quality is perfect, it looks just what it should look just like. But on my Xbox the quality is all blurry and dullish, very low res. It just bothers me. I watched some VoD and they're playing on reg Xboxs, their quality looks the same to my 360, but not the same as that of my reg Xbox. I'm thinking its maybe the TV? Any advice?

It's just weird that I get good quality on my TV for the 360, but shitty low res quality for my Xbox. I know it can't be the Xbox because I've gone through 2 already and both were the same.

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Yes of course. The 360 has better graphics and can display in HD and at higher resolutions.


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