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Very good tage 10/10

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Some people were meant to edit montages, some people were meant to be in montages, Kampy is meant for both. Holy shit, what can I say about this tage. I jumped back in my seat and yelled something along the lines of "Oh my God!" or "Holy fucking shit!" on more than one occassion. This gameplay tops Str8, Dualtality, I don't fucking know...Walshy's second montage. And on top of that, the editing, the syncing, the work in the theater were all beautifully done.

I don't know what else to say, other than I'm kind of sad this is your last montage because I know you would have only topped this one and I don't think the community could handle a montage with more spectacular gameplay than this one is filled to the top with.

Good luck in the competition as you definitaly have a shot at first place.

Dear God it was just...no words.
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Yeah, well...

You're amazing.

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i tried to post this before you, but i fail'd and forgot to comment on it.
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Wow dude.
I never thought any "nubtage" could touch your 4th, but somehow
you upped the bar even more.
Gameplay was AMAZING. So many incredible multi's.
Been a fan for a while man, sad to see you go.
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sick game play kampy, I can't really relate to kills on people who just got the game... but this video has way better game play than any other video that has frags on noobs in it. So for what this video is, it is simply the best in it's category hands down.
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Great job Kampy, there are so many memorable multis in this video it's just jaw dropping. One that stood out to me was the no scope up purple lift on the guy lifting up purple on the otherside, that made me go "WOW!" and I don't even play the game, so good job on that one kill specifically. Also, good luck in the competition man, definitely a great adittion.

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aww kampy. sad to see you go. you were my inspiration to ever play halo, but damn, i loved you while you were here. best of luck to you in the future..

hahaha wow. thats was by far the best thing ive ever seen. that port no scope was just wow.. and let me say ur a no scope god hahaha. i also liked the H3M4 quad exterm on last resort there. always insane.. but wow, that whole thing. i gotta go play some halo now

also loved the intro and the alkaline trio song

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That was amazing!! Soo good! Your'e incredible!
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damn i am downloading this baby cant wait
mreijorijorijofrjoifrjofrjiofjior :)


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