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Default TLTITHOTW thread posting guidelines - READ THIS before participating

There will be an announcement sometime later in the week regarding TLTITHOTW but for now I need to add the following posting guidelines


Any regular THF member who is in good standing with the Forum who is not suspended or banned.

Short blurbs or clauses. As long as they make some sense.
Posts should be cohesive and readable. Posts do not have to be complete sentences but at least have some structure to them. For example, posting ASDFGHQWERTY is an example of gibberish. Don't do that. Posting "I go here" or "the monkey flies west" is fine

Small to medium sized images up to 1200 pixels. Please do NOT use the attachment function but embedding [img /img] tags in okay.

Random conversations or any readable text up to 250 words per post.

Please do NOT post the following
x - Embedded youtube videos
x - Adult content of any kind
x - hyperlinks to websites that are not allowed typically in the regular sections of THF.
x - Embedded Soundcloud clips
x - Adult language or curse words
however omitting two letters is acceptable for example sh** or cu**
Curse words and adult language are allowed as usual in the other sections but there is a legal reason for this Rule that we have to follow to make this happen.
x - Animated inline images (GIFs) larger than 100 kilibytes.

For Moderators
Please do NOT delete any posts in the TLTITHOTW section. Instead, please edit out any content that needs to be (if you do) instead of deleting the post outright.

So, what's the deal with these rules? There will be a big announcement coming soon. Right now some THF members with legal expertise are working out the details and I won't spoil it but let's just say, you're going to like what you hear soon.

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