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Post Halo movies: yes, I said MOVIES with an S!

Here's what I think:

1) The up coming Halo movie is part #1 of a series,

2) THe first movie (or the first half of it at least) will follow the book "The Fall Of Reach"...the reason why Ithink that way is because somepoeple don't know how the SPARTAN II's (Master Cheif) came about, and how they got be as good as they are,

3) The second movie will follow both the game, and the book "The Flood," since the book goes more in depth about thing' s, and shows what the O.D.S.T's are goning through and the base that they established as "Alpha Base" and it also tells you the Covenent's side of the story too,

4) the third movie will be on the book: First Strike because it shows what happensto the SPARTAN's who are on Reach when it gets Glassed , and shows what the mechanic in the first part of Halo 2 want to know; how the Master Cheif and Sargent Johnson get home in one piece,

5) the next movie will be on Halo 2 (the books do not come this far!),

6) and the next on Halo 3........... and so on and so forth.

Please tell me what you think about this thought I thunk up!!!!!!!!

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If the first Halo movie is good, then theres a chance that the others will be shit. So I hope they make one good film for the time being.


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