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View Poll Results: Who's Got The Best Intro?
BiPoLaR NiCk Presents "The Final Montage" 11 4.51%
"Black Box" - Edited by s0r3 8 3.28%
"Dutchy Montage 2" - Edited by ExuS 61 25.00%
"Frenetic Array" - Edited by Mattisson 76 31.15%
Neighbor & Hysteria Dualtage - Edited by Phurion 35 14.34%
"Rewind 3" - Directed by Void 31 12.70%
"Shocktology 2" - Edited by TM22 22 9.02%
Voters: 244. You may not vote on this poll

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Default 'Best Intro' Award | Frenetic Array WINS!

Originally Posted by || TM22 || View Post
Congratulations to 'Frenetic Array' for winning best intro in the Halo3Forum Halo 3 Movie Competition 2.
Welcome to the official "Best Intro Award" voting grounds. You can only vote for 1 video. Each vote towards a video counts as "1 point" for it. The nominated video entry with the most points at the end of the voting period wins this award. The voting period ends on July 26th at 12:11 AM, Eastern time. For those of whom get confused easily, that means 12 minutes after 11:59 pm, July 25th. Please watch ALL Best Intro Award nominees again before voting. They've spent months creating these videos, and they deserve a few minutes out of your day before you finalize your choices.

Best Intro Award

"Never judge a book by its cover" may make for a catchy punch line, but let's be real here. First impressions can either define the experience for the viewer, or destroy it. Today, we are here to honor the competition entries that came out strongest right out of the box. At Halo3Forum, we define the intro of a video as everything before a video's title, and video's title itself. Out of the 7 stellar nominees handpicked by our judging staff, it is up to you to decide which video will take home the crown for "Best Intro".


You must have a minimum of 50 posts to be eligible to vote during this competition. Multiple accounts on the same IP will results in all accounts banned under said IP without question. Off topic thread spamming will also result in the same consequence. I don't mind frequent on-topic posts, but when you begin spamming, you've crossed the line. If anyone sees anyone spamming frequently with off-topic posts in threads, please report the post(s).

Best Intro Award Nominees

-BiPoLaR NiCk Presents "The Final Montage"
-"Black Box" - Edited by s0r3
-"Dutchy Montage 2" - Edited by ExuS
-"Frenetic Array" - Edited by Mattisson
-Neighbor & Hysteria Dualtage - Edited by Phurion
-"Rewind 3" - Directed by Void
-"Shocktology 2" - Edited by TM22

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Frenetic Array gets my vote
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Neighbor and Hysteria, no doubt about it.

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Ah this will be a tough one...

I really liked Shocktology 2's intro but Vidols 3D in Neighbor/Hysteria and my dude s0r3 hmm...
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You gonna make it so people can see what other people vote for?
Rewind 3 got my vote, at any rate
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Frenetic Array. That sh.t was just too epic. But it was very hard to vote against Dutchy's intro.

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Dutchy gets this one. The intro (main part w/ his name) was just SICK. The 3D was great (text), the flames and angles circling around was perfect with it, and the EPIC music in the background was the icing on the cake. It had like a spiritual kind of feeling, but something MORE.
Truth be told...

Originally Posted by Jewtage View Post
Yeah shausty ur finals gonna suck
Final Montage V.1 Edited by Player 2 Productions/ Headache

Final Montage V.2 Edited by Astiun Media/ ViDoL

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neighbor/hysteria, that goes without saying.

How did black box and bipolar nicks get nominated though?
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Nick had a really cool intro I thought, my vote goes to Shocktology 2 though that was just amazing.


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