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Post Halo3Forum.com Halo 3 Movie Competition 2 :: Presented by TM22, Gear61 & FraGTaLiTy

Welcome to the 2nd Halo3Forum.com Halo 3 Movie Competition brought to you by TM22, Fragtality (H3FFTW)! Because of the first contest’s success, we have revamped and made this contest even bigger and better. The voting system is entirely refreshed and the rules have changed - for the better of course! The videos of the first contest grossed over a million views and we expect this contest to be much, much bigger in every aspect. First of all, we (the organizers of the contest) would like to say good luck and thanks to everybody participating in the contest. Let’s get into it shall we?

FBWalshyFTW Youtube Page

All all Halo3Forum.com's contest entries will be uploaded to it for the whole world to see. Keep in mind if your video clocks in at over 11 minutes, you’ll need to render two different versions of the video; one regular version for download and a separate version that is split into 2 parts; each part being less than 11 minutes long. A 5 second black screen at the end of part one and the beginning of part 2 must be added to the YouTube halves so Gears can give easy to follow directions to viewers when he uploads the 2 parts.


The 2nd H3F Halo 3 Movie Competition’s grand prize pool will be an estimated $1,000 for the main category of “Best Movie”. Every single entry is automatically eligible for the “Best Movie” award and the top 5 videos will be guaranteed a prize. Prizes will increase even more according to the amount of entrees. To be eligible for any sub category award, your video must be nominated by our judges. Our judges will nominate the top 6 videos for each sub category, followed by a public voting poll to declare the winner out of the chosen 6. Sub-Category awards will finish before the “Best Movie” event begins.

Sub-Category Awards:
  • Best Intro
  • Best Editing
  • Best Game play
  • Most Original and Creative
  • Judges’ Choice

Main Event Award:
  • Best Video

How to Enter


Anyone can enter any type of Halo 3 video with the exception of trailers. Each video entry must have the official H3F Halo 3 Competition 2 logo in the intro of the video. You can either use the blue print of the logo itself to create your own and integrate the logo into your video (must replicate the basic shape of the logo), or you can simply put the official H3F Halo 3 Competition 2 animation in the beginning of your video. This official animation is currently in the making. If you would like to make your own, we can supply you with the photo shop file, the illustrator file, or an illustrator path file which will import the basic shape directly into any 3D program. Click here to download the official contest logo. Click here to download the .PSD version of the logo. Finally, click here for the path file of the logo (imports the shape directly into 3D programs so you can begin modeling the exact shape) We recommend that you show the competition logo for at least 5 seconds in your entry.

In order to be eligible for the H3F Halo 3 Video Competition 2, your video must be exclusive to the H3F competition. Entering another competitions during the H3F competition will result in a disqualification of your video.

*NEW* Official 3D animation for the H3F Movie Competition 2

It's finally here! The official Halo3forum Movie Competition 2 animation is free to use for all competitors. It was created by Atiemark; he did a wonderful job.

Remember, you do not have to use this animation; you are completely free to design your own. This official release is simply an option for all movie entries.


.mp4 x264 encode 1080p

Huffy encoded lossless .avi
(highly recommended for editing into your video entry)

Entry Fee:

This contest has an entry fee of $10 USD per video. Anyone can enter and you can have as many entrees as you want. 100% of all entry fees and all donations go directly to the prize pool. PayPal is completely free to use and you do not need a credit card to send in your entry fee.

What You’ll Need:

No PayPal?

There are special and temporary prepaid Visa or Mastercard you can use which is exactly like a online gift certificate. For more information on these, click here.

How to convince your parents to help you if you are underage:

“Mom/Dad, I have been working on a huge video project for months, and am nearing completion. I would like to enter it into a world-wide video competition to see how my hard work compares against the world’s best videos. The entry fee is $10 which goes directly to the prize pool; it is a non profitable organization meaning that all of our entry fees go towards awards for the best videos. The deadline for the competition is 9 months away; the reason I am asking you so early is because I wanted to give you plenty of time to think about it because this is something I am very passionate about. If my video does well, I will earn back the entry fee plus a lot more.”

Voting System and Seeding

After the deadline passes, all of the video entrees will be complied together into one large voting poll called the SEEDING POLL. Voters can vote for whoever they want and as many as they want. After the poll closes, each video will be seeded based off of their placing in the SEEDING POLL, and put into separate heats accordingly. This will insure that the best videos will not eliminate each other early, and each heat is fairly proportional to each other. After each video is organized into their heats, voting will take place just as it did in the last competition; the top half will move on to the next round.


We are currently recruiting for judges. Judges may not enter any videos into the competition. Judges are responsible for nominating videos for each Sub-Category award, and for Awarding the “Judges’ Choice” Award. There are currently 5 judge positions open. Contact TM22 or FraGTaLiTy on aim if you are interested in becoming a judge. (You must be known in the H3F community and have video-making experience in the Halo field.

TM22: TM22 lags
FraGTaLiTy: FraGTaLiTy Owns

Current Judges:

1. Fragtality
2. NepR
3. Crest
4. Vastly
5. Kblocker
6. Bjorn

Deadline: July 19, 2010.


Thread's you'll need to visit:

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Let the games begin. Let's see some mind blowing entrees. This Competition is going to be huge. Z is getting Bungie to announce it on their website.

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It's go time.
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This will be good, lots of great videos coming out.

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nah, i was like, yeah.
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Bring on the videos.

Twitter - @Tva_Muddawg

I play lax, yo.

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Seems promising. Ryan, I'm an idiot.

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Cool, I might make a video now.
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Let's see if I can make something.

Only problem I forsee is that if a clear cut winner enters early on, people wont want to pay the $10 just to lose out.

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This is amazing. Entering at least one video for this.

Originally Posted by x rhis x View Post
Only problem I forsee is that if a clear cut winner enters early on, people wont want to pay the $10 just to lose out.
I think the incentive of getting one Gear's channel will convince people to pay up.
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Deadline is a year from now lol. Better see some great stuff guys.
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