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Default THF 1v1 - The Best In The World - Title


LiL x Hustla

Being the best in the world is no easy task, it takes month upon months of training, dedication and commitment. Sacrifices must be made.

Do not expect to see your loved ones any time soon. Lockout will be your new home.

As of today, December 1st 2014 i hereby put the title on the line for "Best In The World" and declare the games open.

This is a new game i wana try and get going. Just for fun.

I will try to keep this thread as up to date as humanly possible and keep the current title holder in the OP.

To issue a challenge to the current title holder please send them a message and request an invite from them.

  • Rules:

  • - Host - Will go to the current holder as they will be defending their title.

  • - Map - Lockout

  • - Weapon Start - Battle Rifle (No Secondary)

  • - Weapons on map - Rifles

  • - Motion Sensor - On

  • - Score to Win - 15

  • - Match Length - 15 minutes

  • - There may (or may not) be a lot of challenges issued at the same time so the current champion can accept them in which ever order they see fit, BUT must accept all challenges. If a challenge goes unanswered in 48 hours the champion therefore forefiets their title to the challenger.

Please do post game results in the thread so i can comfirm results and update the thread accordingly.

This being said, i hope things go well. Have fun out there!

Last edited by slater ohm; 12-14-2014 at 01:40 AM.


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