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When you die, you stay where you are, where you've always been.

I mean, where else would you go?

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Originally Posted by RedSpades View Post
You die.

You are in spectator mode until a random woman who is in labor is picked by God.

You respawn as a baby.

thats what i beleive =]

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You die.

After that, no body knows what happens. You could cease to be, you could go up and float around in the clouds with a bearded old man and little kids with wings. You could go to the top of Mt Olympus and live with Aphrodite and Hera. You could goto hell to be punished eternally.

Who knows? I sure don't.

But I think that the Universe is everlasting and was formed under the influence of something. Maybe the whole thing is contained in a mere atom in a much larger universe, in which case they would be Polyverses... maybe there are parallel universes. Maybe there are multiple Universes close to eachother similar to Galaxies. Maybe our universe is contained in an ever-expanding and evolving dyson sphere created as a science project by some kid in a much larger universe.

Now, what do I think that something was? Not sure, but I like the soung of this, and sounds pretty original. Maybe at the beginning of time, the universe was all contained in one little atom-sized spec, held so small by gravity. Eventually, the matter escapes in a massive (soundless) explosion and the universe starts forming.

This one constant, Gravity, continues to govern the universe with physics. As we die, our souls continue to another plane, the plan of influence, where we become a part of the force which holds everything together and influences the creation of stuff bigger than just molecules. Eventually, the universe gets so large that it's not able to sustain itself anymore.

The gravity takes the universe back again as the matter splits up into very basic elements and then atoms, and is squeezed back into a super-dense, super-heavy atom-sized ball. The gravity keeps this ball of matter bundled up as long as possible, until BOOM - we start all over.

I think it's just something cool to think about. Seems pretty simple to make up a religion, the only problem is getting people to think your stories are neat.

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