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Originally Posted by TooMuchButtHair View Post
As of right now, there is no valid argument against the theory of evolution. Absolutely none. Those who argue against it are pathetically ignorant. If one did successfully argue (with evidence) against evolution, they'd instantly win a Nobel Prize.
I was vague.

He's a christian and likes to argue against Evolution or anyone who doesn't believe in (a) god or higher power (atheist.) I'd still like to see him produce an argument against this.
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Originally Posted by WicKeD ASSaSiN View Post
God is above human reasoning. You're using human reasoning to prove that he isn't above human reasoning which you simply can't do.
Actually, although I am not religious, I agree with Wicked. Cursed, you said in your video that you can't define a "perfect" thing because you don't know anything perfect, right? Well then how can you define what a supernatural thing is without knowing what a supernatural thing is?

Cursed Lemon isn't doing anything ground-breaking here, just using the same arguments that people have been using for hundreds of years. I'm sorry to say this but, your video isn't going to convert any Christians, bud.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results every time. That's essentially what you are doing, and I for one don't care much for insane people's Youtube videos.
Originally Posted by Cursed Lemon View Post
Here's the problem - I am not a means to the end of rape culture, I am the end. I am literally the termination of this whole ordeal.
here's the problem


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