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Originally Posted by oMg iTs BoMb View Post
all i can say is dont turn your beliefs around no matter what they are because some ppl on a website said to.
It depends on what else those people say

If you never change your beliefs no matter what, you'd best be believing in all the right things. It's not good to be close minded.
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I think it should be up to you. Im don't believe in God and my parents are really religous and the first time i told them i didnt believe in god they didnt talk to me for 2 days it sucked.
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No they can't legally do that kind of thing at all, and just give them reasons why there is so much falacie in Judaism or what not and let them see it.
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My Dad used to be very religous he went to college to be a Preacher. He dropped out but he has never even expressed his Religion on me and he knows more about the Bible than most people. I'm glad he didn't force religion on me because I've found God without my parents help and I'm rather proud of that.
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My parents never had control of my beliefs, they'de tell me about Islam on religious Holidays, but they never were a big influence on my beliefs. I kind of learned more about it on my own.
Originally Posted by NoGuff
...you're a terrorist sympathizer. I'd rather be an idiot if that's the choice. At least I'd be a person, though stupid, who is at least on the right side of morality. God doesn't care if you're stupid or not, he does care if you are evil or not.
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You can think whatever you want to think. There's no way anyone can make you think anything. I don't think it's right that your parents are forcing Jewish beliefs on you.
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