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Add for MLG H2MC - H3MC
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Default Does anyone run MLG Customs H2MC ? anyone ??

GT : TW0S0N .... 0's are zeros not O's.

I'm getting kind of sick of people quitting out etc in the team hardcore playlist and I've noticed a lot of this forums users are uploading montages,minitages,clips etc of them playing customs in H2MC and I'm getting kinda jealous.

If ANYONE still runs games etc please give me a add, I know its alot of work to go and add a random stranger that may or may not even accept invs etc but I promise I'm down to jup anytime if you're running customs so thats another player thatll never quit one of your games and ruin it like most players whether im being destroyed or not.

If you don't feel like adding me, leave your GT and I'll add you a.s.a.p

If I'm going to spend the time adding you please be an actual player who plays halo more than any other game.. if i add you and your playing gear of war or some shit just ugh... lol

Serious halo 2 players that are just trying to relive the old days gimme an add or your gt... lets run some games fkn eh.. and in the future run some ranked hardcore playlist I suppose ?

Thanks THF hope to run some games with you guys.



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