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Default Welcome to the Forum (Please Read!)

Hey, and welcome to The Halo Forum!
We are happy to have you join our community and are confident that you will enjoy your time here with us.

We would like for you to introduce yourself here before posting to the rest of the forum. Help us get to know you a little bit! Tell us who you are, why you decided to join, why you love Halo, etc.! We are really excited that you have decided to become a member on the largest Halo forum to date!

There is one requirement you must meet before you can continue on through the site!
  • 100 rep points
This will make you post in this section so we can get to know you better, you can learn your way around the forum and we can find out if you're part of skynet or of a more flesh-based composition.
This amount of rep is very easy to get, just make a thread and people will help you out. You can view your rep points in your User CP page (tab top of the page), once you have 100 points you should be in shortly.

We look forward to you joining in the discussions with the rest of our members but for now go ahead and post away in this sub-section, there should be plenty of people to meet right here! You'll be through in no time.

If you need help with anything you can talk to our Admins, Moderators, VIP's or Exclusives. If you can't get a hold of our staff for some reason, we are confident that our members can also help you out with any questions or concerns you may have.

To indicate who you are talking to we use these name colors.
Admins- Light Green or Black
Moderators- Red
VIP's (+/- great contributors to halo content) - Orange
Exclusives (select group of old guard) - Purple

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Our moderators would be a good choice for any question, see the bottom of the homepage for who's online.

here's some general discussion threads you might be looking for when you're able to enter open forums.
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