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Originally Posted by Froggy618157725 View Post
The bible more or less acknowledges the existence of ghosts and forbids seeking them out, or something along those lines. "familiar spirits" and whatnot.
That makes sense, possibly because demons stray people from "the truth."

And going with what you said on strange happenings when we're half asleep...Yes I have experienced weird things! For one, I used to turn on the news in the morning while getting ready for school, and then just conk out on the bed for about half an hour. In my mind, I could still hear the news, but I was sort of dreaming a scenario that synced itself perfectly to whatever was being said on the TV. It has happened about 20 times. Weird, right?

Also, I have mentioned before, in a similar thread, that at one point, I actually experienced an odd, dreamlike phenomenon that included my own hands creeping on top of my chest. They were rather large (I was 12 at the time), and very heavy. That happened to me 3 times...

Oh, and once when I was 8, I used to sleep with my door open. One night, I saw a head at the top of my doorframe, peeking in. It looked very similar to my mom's head, but my mom is definitely not 6'5!!! The smile was very eerie too. Since then, my door gets closed when I go to sleep.



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