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Originally Posted by Prowl View Post
f*ck you im not a story


LoL......but hes rite cuz were all apart a timeline. i.e. history, i.e. "story"


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Originally Posted by JoeYYYY View Post
Story; a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events

The world is filled with stories... Walking down an alleyway, cooking dinner for Christmas, Playing Halo 2 and getting an awesome play...

Our minds are filled with stories...Becoming an astronaut, having super powers, being invincible, rich, powerful, perfect in all aspects.

The bible is a story.

The string theory is a story.

Hinduism is a story.

Buddhism is a story.

Agnosticism is a story.

With so many stories, earth itself is a story...Everything that encompasses it...Stories. People are stories, animals, all beings....Everything is a story. I am a story telling a story being told within a story. The universe is the novel as we are a small sentence in a page of a book filled with chapters.

Within every story, there is a plot. A cause. An action. Characters. Within our small sentence, we have many stories, many characters, actions...reactions. Or do we?

Which stories do we choose to believe? Why do we choose to believe them? Who is the author of this mystery novel?
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Originally Posted by The Colostomizer View Post
How come a tall coffee is the smallest?
Whaaa!?! I don't get it.
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Originally Posted by xX KaM1KaZe View Post
Whaaa!?! I don't get it.
Originally Posted by xSpar7anx View Post
Yep this world is going to s**t, and in the future things is going to get worse, and idk probably a ww3 will break out and the world will be destroyed because of a nukeular war. garentee it.
Originally Posted by TsUnAmI View Post
Taking God out of school isn't the problem. Punk kids running their parents is the problem. Not everybody believes in God, but I should let the school force prayers on my child why? What about Catholic students, they should have to pray to Jesus because why?


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