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Originally Posted by SticK View Post
Ok, I have a really messed up family, but let me just say something on my Dad's side real fast. He married a 22 year old stripper, 4 years ago. They had like 3 kids. Now they are 100% Christian. Loooong story, and that has nothing to do with this really, but listen.

Now, they are 100% trying to force their morals on myself, friends and just everyone they see. They basically ruined 50% of my life, but I don't care, I still have a good life ... anyway ...

First let's start off that I don't really have a religion. I never been to Church. I celebrate X-Mas. I believe in God, I just don't believe anything in the Bible, I believe in theory of evolution. And all that. I was never tought religion, nor do I want to be tought religion. I am fine the way I am and enjoy my life.

My Dad and my Stepmom, just try to force their what I like to call "Bulls**t", onto me. I always try to come up with witty remarks to make them have nothing to say about their religion.

Today they basically tried telling me that Noah's Arc was discovered 2 years ago, it was found on top of a mountain, in some ice cube. I than asked how long ago was Noah's Arc, they said 4000 years. I said, "No matter what material that ship was made out of, there is no way it stayed in condition to be examed by people 4000 years later. There is no way the wood did not rot and what not". Then they did their little religion block responce, "Well believe it because if God wants it to happen, blah blag blah".

What I want you smart people, with this kind of stuff to help me out. Give me some things to say to my Dad and Stepmom, that will make them think and hace nothing to say. Wheather (sp), it's from how earth was created or ANYTHING about religion.

I just want them to feel wrong for once, and stop shoving their morals down my throat.


My spelling is really bad today for some reason, sorry. I am just rambling on, so I hope osme of you can understand.
I believe in God and I have never heard of people finding Noah's arc in an ice cube. I may not be some wild eyed religious person, but I don't see why you should try to convince them that what they believe in is false. Just leave the subject alone and just ignore everything they have to say as if you were a robot.

"What I cannot create, I do not understand." - Richard Feynman


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