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...don't you dare forget.
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I see mod's in here. 3 To be exact.

I hope your a lucky one, because the mods do not exactly like to be challenged.

This is a oligarchy. You lose.
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Please realize that H3F's admin's name is Z, Z is not a very nice guy when it comes to his sites, therefore he gives mods the power to just ban your ass, and expects you to read the non-existing lithium made up rules. OR you can look in various threads of Z's, I don't see anything wrong with this system however because once you get banned a few times you learn!
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it is part of the rules, READ
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Pan1c and ShadowVick, are neck and neck for the most outrageous posts!

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Originally Posted by Z a c IHI View Post
Milerliteweight u need to learn how to give people warings if they can fix it u baned me becuase i never saw a post about a new fourm that i created for a day and that wass bullsh*t and u need to give peolpe warings first becuase after i got baned u u showed the fourm for it and i was pised so u guys need to coom down a whole and i didnt see hte post becauase i am not on here every day like some people with no life at all or like every mionute of the day so all of u admins need to cool ur jets the next time u ban me over stupid stuff that i can fix in like 2 min u dont need to ban the people over that warn them and to get back to the piont wich ever admin blacks me i will do something and u will not like like shut down ur internert and i dont care who uses it i will and that is a fact good night to all

and u have to be a smart ass about it to stop being rude u as* hole it would make these fourms lot more enjoy able for every one who post in these fourms
If you're going to try and get a point across, please make sure there's a possibility of understanding it.

I do believe there should be a warning, but whatever.

Edit- that was stupid of me to say. The warning is the damn thread that says " RULES OF H2F". Wow.

Last edited by Kritic; 11-25-2007 at 08:45 PM.
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Yeah a warning is also a good idea, a 5 day ban is sorta a little too much.

And also, boobs on forums do count.
1. They get more friends
2. People are nicer to them
3. We get to see pictures
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Christ, Zach. When did it become ok for dyslexics to publicly type on forums?
Wikipedia is like my Bible, except sometimes Wikipedia has facts in it
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do you get an infraction when you commit treason? advertising is the same

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Why didn't you just spend the 5 days on HaloBoards?
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im very surprised that u didn't get at least a warning. miller usually gives u a warning.


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