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Default Questioning Evolution in Religion

1 If Christian theology and the church have a supernatural origin in an
omnipotent God, then why has theology and the church evolved through
naturalistic social processes over time?

2 Why does theology change from the beginning of the Bible to the end? Why
are the later writings influenced by Greek thought (for example, immortality)?
Why is there such a large theological gap between the Old and New Testaments?
The changes are not explainable by the idea of "progressive revelation," or by
any systematic theology.

3 Why is Jesus so similar to the other 15 suffering saviors of mythology? Why
don't Christians believe any of the other virgin births and savior stories
recorded in ancient literature? How is it that the ritual of Christian
communion existed in the prior pagan ceremonies of eating the body and drinking
the blood of their gods? How is it that the Christian ritual of baptism also
existed in the prior pagan cults? Weren't the very defining doctrines of
Christianity actually assimilated from the endemic pagan cults? Likewise, why
are Easter, Christmas, the Lenten season, rogation days, and others, derived
from pagan holidays. Didn't Christianity have any legitimate calendar of
commemorations of its own?

4 How did liberal churches come to exist? If they are inclined to believe,
why did they not continue to believe the "fundamentals?" Could it be because
the fundamentals have insurmountable problems that discredit them?

I've saved these questions in my computer when I was a church..

My conclusions -

Why hasn't the church answered any of these questions in the 23 years I have
been a part of it?

Why hasn't the church answered any of these questions in 2000 years?

I can only conclude that it is because the church has no answers, Niether a christian that studies it.



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