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Originally Posted by . AfteRShocK . View Post
The 48 hour trials aren't working for you because you have to start out a new silver membership first. You cant extent a preexisting gold with a 48 hour.

Then after you've made that, go to marketplace and then redeem code.

Put it in and Viola
Yes that might be the case AfteRShock.

Sometimes Xbox declines it. For some weird reason I don't, when you enter the 48 Hour Code, it comes back with the message saying that the code is invalid.

iNeXen, if you still need a 48 Hour code, I'll give you one when I get home. Just reply saying you need one.
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You can't add 48hrs to an existing account you gotta make a new account


Here another one just incase someone took the last one
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Alright thanks guys, but yeah, there wasnt any drunkards on the streets tonight so i still have no moneyz.
Originally Posted by I0 CruciFiX 0I View Post
"rape and reload" sounds like a horribly illegal porno.


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