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Originally Posted by NiceGuy View Post
The head director and frontman for a lot of revolutionary philosophy programs n sh.t at my school, Dr. Robert Frodeman, has a PhD in biology as well; you could work in environmental philosophy (evergrowing in popularity and with the "go green" movement has many opportunities). Whatever you think your thesis is, it probably won't be by the time you have to write one.
I know that'd be tight.. I'm definitely gonna try and do some undergrad research in either philosophy or biology, and hopefully do a project that combines both. I know theres at least a couple classes that actually apply directly to both; i.e. Philosophy of Biology, and Philosophy of Science, etc.

And yes, I'm sure I'll change my thesis idea a hundred times by then. I'm just excited to get this shit started, high school classes sucked.
A man's errors are his portals of discovery. -- James Joyce


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