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The Lone Wolf
n00b (level 8)
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Default Anyone help me get to a skill of 35?

How many posts do I need before I can make a thread?
uber n00b (level 2)
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Default Need 2 Teammates for TS

My friend and I are both fairly good and are looking for two decent teammates for TS. You can IM me at MadSkilz000 or send a FR to my gamertag (Sick McNastier or BK Try Harder).
Cooked Shoe
Level 11
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Wow, good advice
I'm fairly new to H3F.
I'm not good at Halo 3.
Im good at Call of Duty.

Looking for Australian WaW clan.
GT: Cooked Shoe
Level 11
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add me for TS im a 43

AIM: iTz Baysik
Main GT: tS Baysikk
uber n00b (level 2)
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I'm Trying to find some people who would like to play campaign on legendary tommorow!
Just Add -iTage
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Can Anyone help me get to a 50 in Swat?
My GT is JoshGAMER474 and my highest level is 36.
I DON'T want to play Lone Wolves, because LW is Bu11****.
I am a lvl 11 in Swat.
uber n00b (level 2)
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well first i got to make a lot of posts
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Default Low Team Swat All Day

oooooooooooooops a daisy cudnt delete it sorry

Last edited by manxhalo3; 05-04-2009 at 03:43 AM.
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I'm gonna be at this part of the boards a lot
Level 17
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hmm...why was my customs list thread locked?



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