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Default my 2nd montage is coming soon

but today, i had the best snipe, but for some reason, the recording software stopped right before it happened. It makes me cry almost....it will never happen again.

is there anything worse than getting an awesome snipe and not getting it recorded? no

but even so, this montage is much better than my first...i'm very excited about it

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I know how it feels, since I rarely record, i almost always miss anything nice. Like one time i had 2 really nice grenade sticks in like 15 seconds, and i noticed that i forgot to push the record button...
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That was a really awesome montage. I hopefully will be that good. I know what you mean about not geting a cool snipe. I need to get a cap card soon to record stuff because Ive missed a lot of nice footage. Hopefully you'll see my montage here soon.
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I know exactly how you feel...Sometimes I will turn off my recording inthe middle of a game because I think the game is over or that I will not get any more footage...and one time I did that I got a Killtacular with the sniper...pissed me off. I never turn it off now.


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