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Dude.. I am fully aware of my ignorance as well. I honestly have no f..king idea as to what me or anyone else is doing on this god forsaken planet. The only sensible thing I can find to do is to load up a fat bowl and throw on some Bob and just cruise. Beautiful nugs make a lot more sense to me then 1,000 people dieing in the Gaza Strip or the latest "war on terror". Lately the great mystery of life seems to be about how f..king cruel our world it really is. How many people's lives are thrown away like trash at the hands of evil dictators, and even at the hands of our "democratic leaders" who hide behind the face of christianity and freedom. It's all bullsh.t, all of it. Not that it really matters, I mean I guess we're all going to meet the same fate eventually. No matter how morally right we are, no matter how intelligent we get, no matter how rich or poor we end; it's all f..ked. We're all going to end up on our deathbed, whether tomorrow or in a hundred years. So what the f..k is the point??
So. Much. Angst.

I've been attempting to get into philosophy and literature in the last year or so I can maybe possibly start answering some questions. By the way, what type of a philosophy program are you in? I go to orientation next week and I'm thinking about maybe double majoring in it or something.
My concentration is in environmental ethics, but my main interest is philosophy of language.
Busy, busy, busy

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